AOK Consulting, Inc. provides one-stop shopping for businesses in need of help and those looking to become stronger and even more successful.
With services ranging anywhere from general purpose consulting to human resources consulting, accounting services and safety consulting, including OSHA audits, AOK Consulting has the real-world experience you need and answers you are seeking.
  • Are you getting the most from your accounting department? We can work in conjunction with your bookkeeper and accountant to achieve optimum results.
  • Are you having personnel or morale issues? We can help business owners communicate more effectively with their workers. We can also identify employees whose talents and abilities are being underutilized. In short, we can help you create a happier, more productive workforce. If necessary, we also provide advice on how to dismiss workers.
  • Do you need help attracting, identifying and hiring the right personnel? We can help you find highly qualified and highly motivated employees.
  • Are you having informational structure issues? Nearly everybody knows how to keep files in a cabinet. Not as many are adept at filing on computers. John is, and he can teach you the process.
  • Are you in need of investors or capital? We have the know-how when it comes to increasing capital, finding investors and self-investing.
  • Do you have the proper procedures in place to grow and prosper in an ever-changing marketplace? We can help you centralize your information, devise a workflow plan, procedural plan and policy manual.