About AOK Consulting, Inc.

AOK Consulting, Inc., Founder and President John Banta is ready, willing and able to put his 25 years of real-world business expertise to work for you and your business. With more than 15 years of that time spent running a construction company, John knows how to manage and get the best work out of people and how to empower business owners. Simply put, he gets results.
The process begins with a meeting between John and the business owner to review company history, assess the present situation and define future goals. John comes to the table with no preconceived notions. Instead, he takes an all-inclusive approach and has the skill set to assess functionality on a variety of levels. Areas that are examined include – but are not limited to – network, personnel, processes, equipment and capital. He doesn’t shy away from any area and won’t sugarcoat his findings. John analyzes the data and recommends a course of action that can turn around a failing business or help an already successful business strengthen its position in an ever-changing marketplace.
Improve your profits, employee morale and procedures with the help of AOK Consulting, Inc.